The kind of love that changes you | Bohol |

“To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything else seems hopeless.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton Love – the most intoxicating topic of all. It took me a while to finally decide and write about a very personal topic. But I realized, the purpose that I made this blog is to be able to connect people with similar stories and partake in this massive global community of content writers. A wise person once…Continue Reading “This Is The Kind of Love That Changes You”

Choosing the life of travel | catching carla

“If you’re looking for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.” Yes, I am a Filipino and I have caught the wanderlust bug- but most of the time, I chose to keep this secret in fear of being judged. I’ve seen this happen many times in the past, because whether you believe it or not- despite the number of Asian travelers around the globe, it is still quite rare to meet a Filipino globe trotting on their own….Continue Reading “Overcome the Setbacks in Choosing the Life of Travel with These 5 Steps”

grandfather playing piano

An open letter to the guy who made me fall inlove with life and music – my grandfather. Dear Lolo “Grandfather”, How are you? Where ever you are, I hope you are looking down on us with a smile on your face. Although everyone is still quite shocked at how fast you went, we are coping up with the help of one another. Also, do not worry about me. I will be fine someday, perhaps not now but I certainly will. It’s still difficult for…Continue Reading “To the guy who made me fall inlove with life and music”

The Stigma of a white Guys Dating a Filipina - Photo by catchingcarla

I am using this quote as an opening line to a very delicate topic, as it resonates to the typical social belief that this is what a Filipina should be, in order to snag a white guy. “Be nice to his family. Pretend not to notice the way their house smells. Pretend to like their food. Mimic their barbaric customs at the dinner table.” ― Laura Yes Yes, How to Seduce a White Boy in Ten Easy Steps In the Philippines, most people think we have…Continue Reading “The Stigma of a White Guy Dating A Filipina”

Studying Abroad as Filipino by catchingcarla

As a new graduate from the other side of the world, I honestly have no idea what would classes be like or if I’m even going to fit in, during my first experience in studying abroad. Late 2014, right after getting my Bachelor’s Degree, I have decided to take the route less taken, and explore the wonders of studying abroad. Learn how to get your own Canadian Student Visa through this link, and the designated learning institutions you can go to accredited by the CIC. For fast response…Continue Reading “10 things I learned from studying abroad as a Filipino”