MT. PINATUBO : A Hike With A Story

The Philippines is usually dubbed as the pearl of the orient, because of its resplendent coastlines and majestic seas, but behind that splendor, it is also the home of one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in the history of Asia – most commonly known as The Devastation of Mount Pinatubo. This post was featured at Yettio – Travel Magazine HISTORY June 12, 1991, a year before I was born, Mount Pinatubo is to be recorded as one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the century, resulting…Continue Reading “MOUNT PINATUBO: The Hike With A Story”

Fortune Island: is it treasured enough?

Take a blast from the past and get a glimpse of the Roman charm at this enchanting place called FORTUNE ISLAND. From its astonishing view and euphonious name, it is definitely a vision that most travelers would not want to miss. It is known for its roman-inspired infrastructure located on top of a cliff, surrounded by raging salt water, set in deep royal blue, with a slight stroke of turquoise. According to some locals, all unfinished architectures you can see on the island were made by its previous owner who was suppose…Continue Reading “FORTUNE ISLAND: Not treasured enough”