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BIRDHOUSE: The Ultimate Lord of the Wings!

August 18, 2017

“There is no sincerer love, than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

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Is it buffalo wings? or chicken wings? What’s the difference? With the fast-paced culinary revolution, it could be rather difficult to keep up with all the innovative dishes that dare to steal the spotlight. This emerging trend is the new challenge for most restauranteur and chef’s alike. So this August, Birdhouse PH, determined to take on this challenge, launch their new flavored chicken wings that dare to top them all! they call it –  The Lord of the Wings. It is packed with 6 new flavors that aim to take their chicken wings to a whole new level! Care to see what they have in store? Check out these photos:

Birdhouse PH: the lord of the wings

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Bacon Mac and Cheese – Someone finally got this right. Imagine three of your favorite dishes combined into a single dish? Chicken + Bacon + Mac and Cheese – definitely a bite worth celebrating!

Birdhouse PH : The Lord of the wings |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

K Bomb – Of course, leaving a familiar taste of buffalo wings is a must. K Bomb offers an intense spicy blend into your regular buffalo wings. This will have your mouth bursting with flames!

BirdHouse PH: Lord of the Wings |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Pepper Cream – Smothered with creamy sauce and pepper – this one could also be a little bit spicy to taste, but nothing that too empowering as their latest K Bomb.

BirdHouse PH: Lord of the Wings |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Roasted Garlic Parmesan – Let the name speak for it self. Chicken wings coated in deep parmesan cheese and garlic seasoning, this definitely requires a refined taste. A slight deviation from the usual spicy wings.

BirdHouse PH: Lord of the Wings |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Cheese and Caramel Popcorn – Add a flavored cheese powder finish to your wings and what do you get? A subtle cheesy delight for your palate.

BirdHouse PH: Lord of the Wings |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Smokehouse BBQ – Last but not the least, the all American favorite – smoked BBQ Chicken Wings. With the hope of keeping the reputation of regular buffalo wings, Birdhouse decided to keep some of the most popular Buffalo Wings Flavor, for a more comfortable tasting experience.

So there you go, if you are feeling rather adventurous, or you simply want to experience bursting new flavors, visit Birdhouse PH at Uptown Mall, BGC, Taguig city.  Take some of your friends with you and make a bet which one will take the throne as the Ultimate Lord of the Wings!

Birdhouse PH: The Lord of the Wings |

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Facebook: Birdhouse 

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Address: 36th St, Uptown Mall – Food Hall, BGC Taguig, Metro Manila

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