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August 7, 2017

“My head says GYM but my heart says Nachos – well obviously, one must always follow their heart.”

Manila – the city whose name has etched a mark on the pages of history, has always been the go-to destination for tourists, students, and businessmen alike. It is the only place in the Philippines that most people hear about, but very few actually understand. Just inside the walls that built the foundations of the Philippines – is a newly opened chain called Gregory Park Serious Grub. A cozy little diner that captivated the hearts of students looking for a quiet and place to eat and have a good time. From its feast of vibrantly prepared dishes, we have had the privilege to indulge on some of their best offers. Let’s see if this place can make a history fitting for its location.

House-Made Salsa

First of all, I just want to give credit on their specialty SALSA. It does not even come close to those offered by well-renowned Mexican places here in PH. It was rather- for lack of better term, very addictive. Paired with a crispy set of chips or nachos, their salsa is worth the second, third, or even fourth round! All my friends could not have agreed more! So the first thing you need to do when you visit Grub is to try their sumptuous, delectable – highly recommended SALSA.

Pulled Pork Pancake Sliders – Php 250

Pulled Pork Pancake Sliders - Gregory park |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Judging from the photo alone, this is not your typical American style burger-based slider. Mixed with a savory mixture of pork and vegetables, embraced by a thick pancake boat  – every bite resonates a soft succulent experience in your palate. This dish is as aesthetically satisfying as its taste.

Beef Supreme Chalupa – Php 185

Beef Supreme Chalupa - Gregory park |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Chalupas are originally made popular by TacoBell and have since then, taken the food market by storm. Gregory Park Serious Grub, however, modernized this infamous dish into one of their own. With a freshly cooked beef, dazzled with shredded vegetables and cheese, this dish is definitely worth the try. Its side nachos and salsa are also a good addition to your money’s worth.

Chicken Verde Chalupa – Php 185

For those who are not a fan of red meat- here’s a much healthier alternative for you. Despite its relevance with the Beef Supreme Chalupa, I find that they are quite different when it comes to the flavor. This chicken-based dish that comes with a more loaded vegetable topping, is a remarkable experience altogether. It is not bland, but it is not that overpowering either – they’ll have you finish this one within minutes!

Taco Thursday

(3 for Php 200 on Thursday, Php 75 each on a regular day)

Taco Thursday - Gregory park |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

Gregory Park Serious Grub offers different menus every day, but one of their most sought after delight is the Taco Thursday. It comes with a soft taco that contains mozzarella and cheddar in between its shell, melted altogether to create a crispy bite on the outside. As you may have noticed all of their food is equipped with a decent amount of vegetables, that creates an additional texture for your eating pleasure.

Yin Yang Skillet (Signature Chili Con Carne) – Php 285

Chili Con Carne - Gregory park |

Photo by: @catchingcarla

To be frank, we were quite excited to try our first “rice-based” dish for the day, so we finished this one rather quickly. In comparison to other places, I have to admit that this does not match up to the likes of my other favorite Chili Con Carne’s, but the price is quite decent enough for the amount of serving that you get. Plus, its name “Ying Yang” generally reflects its equally distributed content, with regards to the rice and the amount of chili con carne – reasonable for a balanced diet.

Loaded Carne Asada Fries – Php 299

If you’re not yet hungry by this time, I suggest you go back to the first page and read it all over again! To conclude my Gregory Park Serious Grub food extravaganza here is a dish that everyone knows best- FRIES! The usual problem that comes with this type of setting is that, if the meat is placed on top of the rice way too soon, it could be a huge disaster, as it would melt away the crispiness of the fries, and speeds up its sogginess. To solve that issue, make sure to dive into these types of food as fast as you can. Also, the side egg is quite a great addition to this piece, because it balances the strong aroma and flavor of the meat.

How it looks

Gregory Park Serious Grub is located inside Torre Lorenzo 2, Taft Avenue, Manila. It manifests a very intimate approach to culinary experience, as you will be able to see your dish prepared right in front you. This creates a better understanding for each food, and of course an interesting talk with the Chef. The name itself is derived from a park in the US that is very meaningful for the chef. Their noticeable mural is also a reflection of the owner’s own experiences with her stay in the US, giving people a sneak peek of her colorful rendition of an American Subway.

Gregory Park Serious Grub |

Gregory Park Serious Grub |

To sum it up, I see a lot of opportunities coming for this place. The only downside is that their place is a bit hidden, and the seat is limited. But I guess some people like it this way. For me, the only reason I am not giving them a full 5-star rating is that I wish they had more space, other than that – I loved all of the dishes they prepared. In terms of food quality and value for money – I am enlisting this on my top 5, next time I find myself in Manila!

Do you know other great Mexican Places in Manila? Comment them below!

Overall Rate

Find out more about Gregory Park Serious Grub:

Facebook: Gregory park Serious Grub

Instagram: @SeriousGrub

Address: 2 Torre Ground Floor, Manila Philippines

Contact: (02) 2516603

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