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Sartin - Josiah's culinary excellence is now in Summit Ridge Tagaytay
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JOSIAH’S CATERING is now in Summit Ridge Tagaytay

June 15, 2018

“Whenever you travel, remember this: vacation calories don’t count” – Anonymous

Josiah’s Catering, with its subsidiary, Josiah’s Hospitality Management started off by offering catering services for weddings or corporate events in Manila – known for their luxury, and world-class course meals.

For over 25 years, Josiah’s has hosted hundreds of celebrations and has continuously set the standards and trends in the Philippine catering industry, through their culinary excellence. This rapid success made Josiah’s even more aggressive to grow its brand, by venturing into its first F & B operations management.

Josiah's Catering now in Summit Ridge Tagaytay


Following the announcement of its new management, Josiahs Catering is unveiling a new concept restaurant, SARTIN, which will be located in Summit Ridge Tagaytay, a reputable hotel that stands out for its friendly and personable brand of service.

Josiah's Catering now in Summit Ridge Tagaytay |

As usual, customers can expect the same world-class food experience at Sartin, through authentic Filipino dishes with Josiah’s twist. It is determined to become the next food hotspot in Tagaytay, as it complements the city’s suburban vibe, with a delectable menu, comforting ambiance and outstanding service.

This new concept is fairly straight-forward, they want to bring their culinary excellence in one one of the most popular culinary destinations in Luzon – Tagaytay.

Josiah's Catering now in Summit Ridge Tagaytay |

This new announcement was accompanied by another stellar event, hosted by Josiah’s. Held at the charming Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan, the place is transformed to a vibrant setting, fitting for its theme – “NOCHES CUBANA” . The chairs lit up the room with its interchanging colors, and the stage background was extravagantly decorated with flowers.

On top of that, there was an endless stream of small snacks and cold cuts that were handed out by experienced waiters. Those snacks kept our mouth bursting with delicious delights throughout the night, enough to keep ourselves occupied before dinner.

After the announcements were made, and the formal program was done and dusted with, they finally opened their kitchen, and presented to us their infamous main courses, and desserts- for our own eating pleasure. Evident from the photos above, their dishes were a mix of international flavors, ranging from the spices of Morocco to the delightful churros that originated from Spain.

Josiah's Catering now in Summit Ridge Tagaytay |

Just outside the hall, they offered a special service to allow you to create your own pasta, that will surely excite the foodie in you! The ingredients to create your own pasta were laid out on a table, along with different kinds of sauces. Once you have found your flavor, you simply hand out your plate to one of the staffs, so they can reheat and cook your pasta for you.

And that was it! After dinner, the party started off with a combination of latino music and salsa dancing on the dance floor. Just as expected, Josiahs Catering and their passion to provide world-class service and food to its customers has never faltered and will remain consistent for more years to come.

To know more about Josiah’s, simply visit their website at or call (+632) 475-2703

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