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Q House drinks and Cafe: Is it worth the visit?

July 13, 2019

“Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness, has probably never spent their money on pizza” 

Okay, let’s face it – it’s the dawn of international exploration, and us millennials, are living for it. When I was young, globalization is not as prominent as it is today and international goods are rare and very expensive. Only the rich can afford to eat at fine international restaurants, and novelty items are almost non-existent. In this new era, everything is accessible – and thanks to shops like Quirks Novelties & Curiosities, we can now get unique and fun items from North America, here in the Philippines.

That’s not all – Quirks Novelties and Curiosities also opened up a cafe that offers Qizzas (short for Q-pizza aka WITTY!) and milkshakes. Located at the 4th floor of Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City – this place offers more than just food, but also sells novelty and cute items that are well-placed around the cafe as if it is part of their decor.

So! When it comes to cute-sy concept stores turned cafe- most of them fail on the “food” section as focused too much on the “aesthetic” that the food quality and taste suffers. An example of that is my review of the Hello Kitty Restaurant here, that left me so disappointed. I never went there again and I never will go there again – ever. But perhaps QHOUSE knows better and their food can teach cafe owners a lesson or two – Let’s take a look…

From the outside, it looks quite cozy and has that beachy calm or laid-back ambiance. It looks like a place I’d stay in for hours and hours if I’m looking for a peaceful place to work in. Now, on the rightmost part of the image above, you can see a stacked cabinet with little items displayed – well, these are all for sale! The concept of this cafe is to have everything in one place – a place to chill, have good food and buy novelty products as you go.

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the cashier, and a beautiful mural designed with a combination of tropical leaves and flowers. It was such a good touch to the overall feel of the place, and also a good background for a photo-op (lol). By looking up at the menu on top of the cashier – I can immediately assume that they have quite a selection of milkshakes, qizzas, and fries that we’ll go through later.

q house drinks and cafe | catchingcarla.com

On the left side of the entrance (image shown above) is also a picturesque spot to look at. A collection of their items for sale, stacked up are also visible, combined with their minimalist beach vibes. Overall, the place looks neat, clean and hygienic enough to enjoy your food – now let’s dive into their food.

From the image above, we can conclude that their food is decently priced – not too expensive, not too cheap too, competitive and affordable. Pizza for Php 105 is quite a catch! You can’t find that price in a beautiful place like this. They also have a selection of froyos with different toppings and flavors – as well as tea, smoothies, and milkshake.  The images itself looks very appetizing, and for this visit,I decided to try the “Matcha Made in Heaven” and the “Mushroom Truffle” with an extra sweet potato fries.

q house drinks and cafe | catchingcarla.com

This is a closer look at the “Matcha Made in Heaven” milkshake. It seems like blended matcha with oreo cookies, topped with whipped cream and a full-size oreo. A little back story – I am not a huge fan of “matcha”, I’ve always been skeptical with it, as it is usually a hit or miss flavor – it’s either I really hate it or I really love it, there’s no in-between. So, every time a store offers one, I pick it right away – because that flavor can either make or break you (at least for me)

Surprisingly – this matcha tastes indeed like heaven! Almost the exact same matcha I love in Tokyo. Also, their other line of refreshments and desserts also seems quite interesting so I might come back to give it a try someday, but for now – this one did not disappoint.

q house drinks and cafe | catchingcarla.com

For their “Qizzas” I chose the “Mushroom Truffle”, with of course cheese and a hint of truffle (duh!). They told me that all of their pizzas are fresh from the oven – and that they do not pre-made them. First bite – LOVE, I love the little crusts made by burnt cheese – and the texture of the soft mushrooms. The combination of the aroma of truffles and the different textures on my palate is amazing and I definitely recommend this as a must-try!

q house drinks and cafe

As I was trying to finish my snack, I went around and checked their merchandise. They have this little sticker, as a reminder that all of the items on display are on sale – and that if you need assistance, just ask the cashier for help.

And that’s that! Over-all I’m rating Q House Drinks and Cafe: 5 stars! ambiance, taste, service, price, and location – are all kudos! This is definitely worth the visit.

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