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FOOD CRAWL : A taste of QC by Always Hungry PH

July 2, 2017

“And if you cannot find yourself a good husband, at least find yourself some good food – you’ll be satisfied either way.”

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Last Saturday, I was invited to attend the first Food crawl initiative of one of the most renowned restaurant reviewers in the country, Always Hungry PH. The goal for every food crawl is pretty simple: snap, eat, and go – then write about it on your blog. For this particular event, we visited three restaurants mostly situated around Quezon City. The first stop was at Steak 77 in 6 Timog Avenue. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to the first stop, but I made sure to drop by at the second location – which is at California Tacos Beach Bar.

California Tacos Beach Bar or CBB, as I’d like to call it, is a Mexican inspired restaurant with a mix of California beach lifestyle. They aim not just to deliver the best tacos in town, but to give each customer a fun experience during their visit. Here’s the list of their impeccable dish:

Super Fiesta Platter (Php 1,395)

Always Hungry: Quezon Food crawl

This is the dish you need if you want to try all of their best-sellers in one plate! From their irresistible Buffalo Bites to their Super Quesadilla paired with their signature salsa and dips, each bite is just a party flavor for your palate!

Mexican Rice Bowls (Php 220)

Always Hungry: Quezon Food crawl

This one is my favorite! Their Mexican Rice Bowl is usually made up of boneless chicken bites, with a side of fresh lettuce. The chicken comes in an array of different flavors such as buffalo, gravy, garlic, and teriyaki – but my heart is set on the teriyaki. It is really juicy and easy to eat, plus the lettuce added a very neutral touch to the chicken’s distinct flavorful taste.

Soft Tacos (Php 195)

C360_2017-06-29-11-35-57-647These soft tacos are rich with savory fillings, made even more delicious with their signature dips! It was such a pleasurable experience to taste one of these because each bite is just oozing with delectable goodness.

Electric Frozen Margarita (Php 296)


Margarita is my go-to drink whenever I feel like I should be doing a little Salsa! Because despite the strong percentage of alcohol in, Margaritas will always taste heavenly!

Shark Bite Cocktail (Php 300) and Frozen Strawberry Margarita (Php 295) 


Although it was quite early to be drinking when we arrived, we couldn’t resist these well-prepared drinks that both are prepared to be soft and enjoyable, with just the right amount of punch. The blue beverage on the left as fun as its name! Why? Because you can actually find cute soft shark candies in the drink! Although not visible in the photo, this cocktail is definitely full of surprises.

Big Black Cocktail (Php 500)


This one is relatively new and of course slowly gaining popularity due to its controversial name. This drink is made to be shared by a maximum of five people, and is offered every hour of the day. Verdict? I want more.

Octopussy (Php 500)


Excuse my language, but it is actually called that way! This drink is not as strong as the Big Black Cocktail, but is also good for sharing. It gives a hint of a fruity sensation without being too sweet!

Overall Rate


The next stop….

The next stop for our food crawl is located at P. Tuazon Blvd, Quezon City – called Chill Top. Chill Top is a Roofdeck Restobar that offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Quezon and Pasig City. Since there are no other skyscrapers near the area, the roof deck is visible at even at the ground level of the vicinity and is mostly visited during at night because of its captivating blue LED lights.

Other than the roof deck and the lounge with the jazz hall, they also have function rooms that can host a party of up to 10-12 people. These function halls are equipped with Karaoke, private toilets and a comfortable couch – perfect for an after-work drinks with your barkada. For now, here are the photos of their main lounge and the 360-degree view of the city:


Although the music wasn’t really my style, the place is really quaint and cozy. It could also be a good place to have a romantic dinner with your special someone if you are looking for something affordable with a great view, awesome vibe, and casual dining.




Quite lovely right? But we didn’t exactly stay on the roof deck for long since we were offered to stay at one of their function rooms.

In terms of dishes, I am usually skeptical when it comes to food and rooftop bars, but Chill Top has proven me wrong. They have extremely good dishes that goes hand in hand with their award-winning drinks. To give you a brief summary, check out the photos below:

Love Birds (Php 215)


During this time, I was already busy hitting up the karaoke but I somehow still managed to try all the food. Love Birds is a finger food composed of caramelized chicken wings, paired with their special sauce. The crispy crust on the outside and tender meat on the inside is just made into perfection, that you wouldn’t even notice that you finished them all! Although at the end of the night it became a little bit too oily for me to eat.

Adobol (Php 330)


By far one of the best adobos in town! Adobo, after-all is a well-known dish in the Philippines that everyone knows how to cook. Chill top’s Adobol however, tweaked this national dish to make it even tastier! If there is anything I can recommend for you try – this is it.

Pata Q (Php 550)


Pata is just a gift to the Filipinos (minus the cholesterol). One thing I really like about how they served all of their fried dishes is the paper at the bottom that absorbs all that oil away from the meat. This does not only make the food more enticing but it also adds to its aesthetic presentation.

Chocolate SlushC360_2017-06-29-14-10-54-639


To be honest, there’s a lot of other alcohol that was served to us, but the photos that I have, does not do justice on the drinks, plus this one is my favorite anyway. I have learned during College to never trust slushies when it comes to being drunk. They may taste good, sweet, and delicious, but the alcohol content is still quite high. So before you get one of these babies, be warned, taste can sometimes fool you (but I’d still order this all the time).

Overall Rate

The Food Crawlers


So there you go! We ended up having such a great time getting to know each other and trying out all the food. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all the people who greeted and served us that day. One of the things that make a great restaurant is the people after all- and so far all of them have been very welcoming and accommodating.

See you at the next food crawl!

Are you a fan of food crawls? Let me know if you ever tried it at the comment section below! 

Learn more how to get there with the details below:

California Tacos Beach Bar

Contact: 02 2469069 ext:482

Address: 117 B Scout Lozano Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City 1103

Chill Top 

Contact: +63 9287976656

Address: Roofdeck, Amio Tuazon Building, 17th Avenue Corner P. Tuazon Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City

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