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TAPELLA BAR AND RESTAURANT: A feast for San Fermin Festival!

July 19, 2017

“There are only three things people need in life – food, water, and more food.” – anonymous

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Are you familiar with the Spanish Celebration called “San Fermin Festival”?  It is actually a very popular practice in Spain that involves running in front of a small group of cattle that has been let loose on the streets – celebrated from July 6-14 of each year. 

Well, what does it have to do with food? Good question. Since Tapella Bar and Restaurant offers authentic Spanish food- I guess it is only fair that they cook up a bit of a celebration related to certain Spanish Traditions, such as the aforementioned festival. (not that we need to be chased by bulls!). Because it is highly unlikely to conduct all the Festival’s activities here, Tapella invited a selected number of guests to join them for a very special meal to celebrate the San Fermin Festival. Chef Rob prepared some of his finest dish for all the guest to enjoy!

Salmon Aburi Sushi w/ Black Paella Rice

Paella is a very popular rice here in the Philippines as well, so there’s no surprise that this piece got eaten pretty fast! The Salmon-topping adds a bit of an extra edge to an already tasty dish.

Pintxo Tapella Caprese Tomato on Watercress w/ Torch Mozzarella and White Cheese

A crusty crush at the bottom and tasty flavor-filled delight on top, with melted cheese and fresh tomato – it’s definitely a Caprese to remember!

Wagyu Beef Skewer w/ Garlic & White Truffle Oil

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Photo by: @catchingcarla

The beautiful thing about this one is you can actually reheat it in the pan beside the rack. However, Wagyu’s are delicate pieces of meat so be extra careful not to overcook your food while reheating it.

Boquerones Pintxo w/ Avocado Salsa and Salmon Roe

From its name alone, you can guess that this is a very Spanish Appetizer, known to contain its signature main ingredient – Anchovies. This one tastes pretty light, and also quite easy to eat. The fish is prepared exceptionally well, and I like that it does not slide off easily with each bite.

Watermelon, Watercress Salad w/ Feta Cheese & Herb Vinaigrette Dressing

This is probably the only meat-free dish that is served during the night, but of course, it does not make it any less favorable than the rest. This seasoned salad might come off as a bit plain in sight, but the fresh set of herbs and a pinch of salty aftertaste, refreshed with the side of watermelon – is well, delightful in every bite.

Tapella Pintxo Multi Layered of Chorizo Picante, Potato, Shitake, Jamon, Cheese Gambas

Okay, I can be quite biased when it comes to shrimp since it is by far my most favorite food of all time – no questions asked. Most people are this one bit by bit, but judging from the ingredients, and to my own personal experience – eating a bit of it all at the same time – is a feast for your palate!


So there you go, if you’re wondering how the Spaniards celebrate their festivals here- just go to Tapella, and not only will you be able to get to meet some Spanish Nationals, or practice a bit of their language – you can also have a bite of some of their local specialty dish! See you at Tapellas soon!

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