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THE SECRET LOUNGE PH: Taguig’s Best Kept Secret is now revealed!

November 14, 2019

“May your coffee be strong, and your lashes be long. 😉 ” – Anonymous

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) – is a blossoming commercial center located at the border of Taguig and Makati City. It is filled with beautiful skyscrapers, high-end fashion malls, luxury retailers and charming street shops. In the center of this city, is a cozy hidden beauty lounge, that offers professional nails, lashes, and beauty services called The Secret Lounge PH.

The Secret Lounge PH |

The Secret Lounge PH first opened its doors in Rufino St. Makati City, offering different types of lash extensions and a luxury powder dip nail and gel nail services. Their humble beginnings involve sharing a space with xState co-working, limited seats and just a handful of staff – but the dream to be a renowned sustainable speakeasy beauty haven, has always been their top priority. That dream turned into a reality when the founders decided to relocate and expand their services to BGC.

Secret Lounge PH aims to provide a secret spot where people can relax, feel a sense of ease and serenity while getting their much-needed pampering. Their interior design is reminiscent of the chill beach vibe in Bali, showcasing only the most eco-friendly nature-inspired decors and ambiance! leaning towards their commitment to sustainability.

Upon entering the Lounge, you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist, cozy seats, an HD TV and a beautiful set of rustic chandeliers. You will then be offered a glass of wine or coffee, followed by some snacks or afternoon delights. First impressions last, so they say – and they definitely got me hooked just by the first glance.

The receptionist or cashier will then guide you on the services they offer, from eyelash extensions, nail extensions, powder dip and many more. Although I personally have not tried their eyelash extension, I see tons of customers raving about them on their social media page. A common comment said that their lash extensions are not overwhelming or heavy – it was lightweight and easy to wear, comfortable enough to be worn to work by their lady boss clients.

The Secret Lounge has three sections – the reception area, the nails area, and an area I’d like to call the “beauty room”. The first section is the reception area, showcased on the images above. It also has a small little space for beachwear or boho types of merchandise. They also sell unique bags and swimwear – giving you an “always summer” kind of feel.

The second part of the lounge is what I’d like to call the “nails” area. These are curated for customers who prefer to have a quick sit down fix for their nails. As seen on the image on the top right, the chairs come with a nice cushioned cover and soft throw pillows, so customers can still feel relaxed and welcomed even if they are on the rush.

My favorite area is, of course, what I’d like to call “The Beauty Room“. Each customer is given a sense of privacy as they are separated by large thick curtains, and enough space to feel at ease. The chairs in this area are leather retractable seats, that are super soft and comfy. This is where they take care of customers who needed to stay still for long periods of time, as professionals work on their eyelash extensions.

Secret Lounge PH is also the only Salon in Manila that offers powder dip nail services. They are also composed of well-trained staff who learned from professionals who have perfected the eyelash extension game for years.

All in all, since I’m such a cheapo – the only service I have availed so far is the foot spa treatment. But I am definitely excited to go back and give you guys an update of my personal experience of their services very soon!

You can find The Secret Lounge on the map I have posted below, including their address and parking locations.

Appointments can be done via their Facebook page at

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    Guiden Faith

    November 15, 2019

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