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world travel expo 2018 : Wanderers Unite |

WORLD TRAVEL EXPO 2018: Wanderers, Let’s Unite!

October 18, 2018
“If You’re Twenty-Plus, Physically Fit, Hungry to Learn and Be Better, I Urge You to Travel – as Far and as Widely as Possible. Sleep on Floors If You Have To. Find out How Other People Live and Eat and Cook. Learn from Them – Wherever You Go. – Anthony Bourdain”

Yes, I know I know – we all miss Anthony Bourdain, but his lessons and legacy will live on! Plus, he is right – travel does indeed expand your horizons to become the best version of you. I know what you’re thinking though “…but Carla, how am I suppose to travel if I don’t have enough money?”

Well, the first question you have to ask yourself is – what are your priorities? Last 2017, I made a decision to make TRAVELING as one of my highest priorities for 2018. From there, I mapped out the places I wanted to visit for this year, and after that: BUDGETING. I estimated my required budget for each travel and made a consistent effort to make sure I have my budget goal before I travel on any of my chosen destinations. My lust for travel is so bad, that I ended up saving a whole lot more than what I originally expected.

JAPAN world travel expo 2018 : Wanderers Unite |

Photo by @catchingcarla: Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Japan

I believe that anybody can do anything if they really set their mind into it. If you have a limited budget, then go search for cheap places you can travel first. It doesn’t have to be anywhere luxurious, what’s important is, at least you started. A lot of people complain about things they can’t do – when they haven’t even tried doing it. Don’t be one of them.

To start, why don’t you try and check out deals at the upcoming WORLD TRAVEL EXPO this October 26-28, 2018?

In lieu of their stunning success from the past 2 years, World Travel Expo is coming back this year with more sponsors, and more fun deals to choose from! to be held at SMX CONVENTION CENTER MANILA this is expected to be one of the biggest travel events this year that is eager to promote and feature activities related to local and international travel and tourism.

All Travelers at heart, are encouraged to participate in this grand 3-day event as it brings together destinations, tourists attractions, organizations and business trade relations in the field of hotels, airlines, cruises and other means of travel from around the globe- in one big roof! Allowing visitors to score exclusive travel discounts and deals, as well as providing useful and informative tips for their future travels.

The event will showcase 278 booths in over 5,200 square meters of space consisting of Inbound & Outbound Travel Operators, Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines, Hotel/Resorts/ Serviced Apartments Accommodations, Themed Tours, Business Travel, Travel Gears and Industry Partners.

world travel expo 2018 : Wanderers Unite |

Visitors and Exhibitors will also enjoy the event’s highlights, namely: Product Launching & Company Presentations, World Travel Expo Awards, B2B Business Matching, Holiday & Dream Destination, Lucky Raffle Draws, Outbound Tourism Forum, Travel Photography Competition, Fun Club Interaction, Video Montage Contest, On-site Travel Product selling and many many more!

So – if you want to achieve your BUDGET TRAVEL GOALS  then perhaps you can start it here!

For more information about the event, check out the official website at For General inquiries, call at (+632) 579 7185, (+632) 372 4014, (+632) 921 2473; (+632) 370 1438

About AD Asia Conventions & Exhibitions International Corp.: AD ASIA CONVENTIONS & EXHIBITIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP. (AD ASIA) advocates in championing and promoting the best local and international businesses in one powerful platform such as trade shows, conferences or even large convention groups.

Want to get FREE TICKETS to this year’s WORLD TRAVEL EXPO?

Simply email me at  your NAME and CONTACT# to reserve your free tickets and I will hand over the tickets to you, if you can catch me on October 26, 2018, at the  SMX CONVENTION CENTER MANILA. See you there! (40 tickets left! hurry and reserve it now!)

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