The Millennial Kind of Love

“Sexually healthy people acknowledge their needs and aren’t afraid to ask for things.” – Dr. Logan Levkoff Ah millennials, I mean me, us, YOU. The generation that likes making simple things complicated, thanks to advanced technology and streamline of endless information- we have successfully made things confusing, even dating. Gone are the days when men actually court women and women preserve themselves as they wait for their ever so eager men. I mean why would men even court a woman if they are acting like hungry hounds, searching for…Continue Reading “The Millennial Kind Of Love”

Hello Kitty Cafe Uptown Mall - Catching Carla

“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.” – Elon Musk When it comes to iconic logos or brands – there is no other cat out there as popular as the world-renowned: Hello Kitty. Admit it. If you’re a girl from Asia, your parents must have brought you something pink – and it most probably has that Hello Kitty face or logo imprinted on it. It’s almost as if a female rite of passage. But still, you know what I’m talking about – it…Continue Reading “Hello Kitty Cafe: Is it worth the hype?”

Pizza hut: Catching Carla

“Problems comes and goes – but pizza is forever.” – anonymous Pizza Hut has been my family favorite for years and it has never left us disappointed. In fact, I believe that this is one of the most convenient restaurants in the Philippines with almost a hundred branches nation-wide! It has definitely hit the food market by storm and has since then, been loved by a lot of Filipinos. The secret to their success? Affordable delicious food – and always keeping up with the trend. With…Continue Reading “Pizza Hut : Bigger Store, Better Food”

The Gardens at the Grove |

“My mood will be determined by how good my breakfast was every morning.” – anonymous The Grove by Rockwell is a refined establishment located at the heart of Pasig City. To Alabang-girls like me, this is a place where I almost never venture into, mainly because it is way far from where I live in. However, my thirst for food adventure is too great for me to ignore, and it feels very satisfying to discover great places such as this – it makes the travel…Continue Reading “THE GARDENS: The Perfect Way To Start Your Day”

Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North | catchingcarla

“Left Wing, Right Wing, Chicken Wing – it makes no difference to me.” – Woody Guthrie Looking back, chicken wings in a bucket was popularized by one of the top global food chain, KFC. Since then, the hype for chicken buckets has always been a constant norm – even today. But if you are looking for a whole new twist to your typical chicken wings, drive up north and visit – Sunrise Buckets. They offer a full bucket of chicken wings in lip-smacking flavors, paired…Continue Reading “Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North!”