Things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam | Catching Carla

“Kiss me goodbye and write me while I’m gone. Goodbye my sweetheart, hello Vietnam.” – Dave Dudley as quoted in “Hello Vietnam” Vietnam – it either makes you crazy or makes you totally fall in love with it, in my case, it was the latter. Before I dive into details about how I fell in love with this country, let’s try to answer the most important question first- where in Vietnam should I go? There are two major cities you can visit with a one-way ticket…Continue Reading “VIETNAM: All The Things You Can Do In Hanoi”

Travel did not heal my broken heart | catching carla - the traveling Filipina

I am sorry Trisha Velarmino if I am going against your post when you wrote about how Travel healed your broken heart. Trust me though, I read this article a million times too after my initial breakup.  It was one of the reasons why I decided to do that first trip to Palawan or plot some travel plans for that year, where most did not really push through. It has been months since that day. You know what I’m talking about. The day that changed my world- the…Continue Reading “Travel did not heal my broken heart”

25 things I've learned for the past 25 years

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” — Mulan I’m 25 – shoot. Gone are the days where all I worry about is what toy I wanted to get for Christmas. I really wished Santa Claus is real and would give me whatever I want every year, but then again- what I want no longer fits inside a little sock. I mean, how do you wrap happiness and put it underneath a tree? I have not made any “New…Continue Reading “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS: What the past 25 years have taught me”

Le Grand Royal Brunch - Sofitel Manila | catching carla

What does it feel to be a royal these days? Well, here’s your chance to find out! Sofitel Philippine Plaza‘s multi-awarded Spiral Restaurant will be redefining elegance and royalty in the culinary scene, with the launch of their quarterly special offer – Le Grand Royal Brunch, an opulent banquet feast inspired by the lavish and picturesque royal engagements.  The first installment of this grandiose gathering will be happening this Sunday, the 28th of January 2018, followed by the following dates: April 29, July 29 and October…Continue Reading “SOFITEL MANILA: Le Grand Royal Brunch By Spiral”

Travel Thailand: I Left My Heart In Bangkok |

“Behind a bend of the Maenam, the entire town of Bangkok appeared in sight. I do not believe that there is a sight in the world more magnificent or more striking. This Asiatic Venice…” – Ludovic Marquis de Beauvoir Thailand, one of the most traveled destinations in the world, has left an enchanting allure, more captivating than its majestic temples and gastronomic delights. Also dubbed as the “Backpacking Capital of Asia“, Thailand is definitely one of the most visited countries in the world. If you…Continue Reading “THAILAND : Bangkok To Love and To Hate”