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COMMUNEATY: Top 10 Favorite Food Finds

April 28, 2017

Communeaty is a charming little outdoor food hub that features variety of international cuisines.

Right before the long weekend, I was invited to my very first food blogger event, hosted by whattoeatph. It was held at Communeaty right by Quezon city, a charming little outdoor food hub that features variety of international cuisines- from mexican favorites to exotic filipino delicacies. Correspondingly, I brought my beloved beau to come with me, since I really do not know what to expect (even though my job involves organizing food bloggers event). I had to admit, it was a fresh new experience to be on the other side of the table.

Communeaty Logo

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by familiar names and famous food bloggers, exploring the vast amount of food, perfectly laid out on the table. From Japanese delicacies to western culinary dishes – it was everything a foodie could ever dream of. It was a showcase of all the gastronomic offerings by different restaurants located at Communeaty. The first few minutes of my time, were all about taking photos and networking. I met a couple of instagram stars and bloggers who were passionate with their love for food. I was even blessed to hear different success stories and the humble beginnings of some food bloggers – it was definitely worth the 1 hour drive!

A few minutes in, the main host announced that we can now enjoy everything on the table – including the fun drinks! We were advised to indulge into everything edible we can see and to not hold back on our appetite. To most people, this is a go signal to try everything! but, to me it was a dilemma – mostly because I don’t exactly know which one to eat first, plus I am very picky in everything I eat. After having a little bit of everything on the table, I have decided to create a list of the top 10 food finds you should definitely check out when you visit Communeaty!

1. Puesto Mexican Street’s Burrito

Communeaty Eats: Burrito

Puesto Mexican Street Burrito: Photo by @catchingcarla

For those who love handy street food, then, burritos are made just for you. I always consider burritos as a tastier alternative to a regular rice plate. It contains a proportional amount of meat, rice, and vegetables, wrapped in a soft warm tortilla. What makes this particular burrito special? It is slightly thicker than the regular burritos I purchase here in Manila.

2. Tokyo Tempura’s Crazy Tempura

Communeaty Eats : Crazy Tempura

Tokyo Tempura’s Crazy Tempura: Photo by @catchingcarla

Do you know what’s crazy? Adding mayonnaise, sweet special sauce and a drizzle of bonito flakes on your tempura. What’s even more crazy is – it tastes absolutely amazing. The first bite will leave you a bit skeptical, but the original mixture of flavors will ultimately leave you craving for more. Just look at that gastronomic madness!

3. Takoraisu’s California Maki

Communeaty Eats : California Maki

Takoraisu’s California Maki: Photo by @catchingcarla

California Maki is definitely a Filipino-favourite. Why? Because we like our food to be a little bit sweet and sour- and Maki’s are made to complement these flavours! with an extra melted cheese topping, Takoraisu definitely know how to capture the heart of a Filipino Foodie.

4. Kebomb’s Chelo Kebab

Communeaty Eats : Chelo Kebab

Kebomb’s Chelo Kebab : Photo by @catchingcarla

This middle eastern dish, definitely lived up to my expectations. Adding a bit of mayonnaise on top of your kebab is a sure way to alleviate your eating pleasure. Kebomb also gives you an option to add butter on top of your rice, and to add additional tomatoes for only Php 25! Don’t believe it? Better check out their stall at Communeaty!

5. Puesto Mexican Street’s Nachos Pollo

Communeaty Eats : Nachos Pollo

Puesto Mexican Street Nachos Pollo : Photo by @catchingcarla

I might seem a little biased over Puesto’s , but there is a reason for it – they offer authentic mexican street food. Nacho Pollo is not uncommon in any Mexican Restaurants. It is perhaps one of my personal favorites, being a half bicolana who loves anything spicy! Also, Puesto are not frugal in their ingredients, just by looking at the photo above, you can see that there is a sufficient amount of toppings for the nachos.

6. Meat Kris’ Customized Burger

Communeaty Eats: Customized Burger

Meat Kris Customized Burger: Photo by @catchingcarla

Customized Burgers are difficult to find in this country, but obviously worth the try. The only problem I see here is, I probably would put a ton of meat inside (hello cholesterol). But who would ever say no to rare indulgences such as this?

7. Good Fryday’s Truffled Parmesan Fries

Communeaty Eats : Truffled Parmesan Fries

Good Fryday’s Truffled Parmesan Fries: Photo by @catchingcarla

Having been studied in Canada you probably would expect me to write about their famous poutine. Although I had my love-hate relationship with poutines, I had to admit that I still prefer fries covered in powdered cheese. Perhaps it’s just a cultural thing?

8. Happy Seoul’s Galbijjim

Communeaty Eats : Galbijjim

Happy Seoul’s Galbijjim: Photo by @catchingcarla

Although I am still in my never-ending conquest to find my favorite korean cuisine GALDAK-RO, this Galbijjim is definitely enough to remind me why I fell inlove with Korean Food. I do not know how they do it, but the way they cook their meat and vegetables makes everything so easy to eat!

9. Boink’s Lechon Cebu

Communeaty Eats : Lechon Cebu

Boink’s Lechon Cebu: Photo by @catchingcarla

Ah! Lechon, the number one source of heart burn -kidding! If you have not yet been to Cebu, then I suggest you try this dish to know what it tastes like to be there. To know if your lechon or “litson” is cooked perfectly – check the skin and meat. A well-cooked lechon should be crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside – just like how Boink’s do it!

10. Sweet and Luscious Treats’ Strawberry Milkshake

Communeaty Strawberry Milkshake

Sweet and Luscious Treats’ Strawberry Milkshake: Photo by @catchingcarla

To end things in perspective- let’s dive into desserts! Sweet and Luscious Treats deliver their milkshakes in cute well-arranged toppings, and adorable mason jars. Trust me, I had a hard time drinking this, because I didn’t want to ruin how it looks! but I guess my tummy also enjoyed the sweet experience!

Do you think I missed something? Let me know through the comment section below!

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Look them up here:

CommunEaty Roces Food Hub

Address: 120 Don A. Roces Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City

Special thanks to: WhattoEatPh for the wonderful invite!

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