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Remy Martin x Matthew Moore PH release |
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BOLD AND EXCITING : The Limited Edition Rémy Martin x Matthew Moore

November 8, 2018

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” ~ Humphrey Bogart

When it comes to cognac, nothing resonates timeless quality and class like a fine bottle of Rémy Martin. This year, the renowned brand dared to be even bolder and exciting, as it collaborates with world-famous visual artist Matt W. Moore, to introduce its newest addition to the VSOP universe – The Limited Edition Remy Martin x Matthew Moore.

Other than a fresh and captivating packaging design, Matt has crafted a new graphical language for VSOP, reflecting Rémy Martin’s rich heritage as well as the brand’s forward-focused mindset.

This new visual narrative blends natural elements like grapes and leaves, as well as many of Rémy Martin’s cherished symbolisms, such as the mythical centaur, in an invigorating array of colorful geometric patterns and semiotics. Moore’s stylish art (which has come to be known as Vectorfunk) appears in the Matt Moore Limited Edition VSOP bottles that are exclusively available at all S&R outlets.

“Part of my drive as an artist is to reach as many eyes as possible. This collaboration shows the possibility of celebrating differences and harmonizing our histories,” Moore said.Remy Martin x Matthew Moore PH release | catchingcarla.comNot only is the renowned American artist a diligent millennial, but Moore is also a graphic designer, a streetball enthusiast, and an unrepentant Francophile. His multifaceted passion for art and life makes him a perfect partner to tell the VSOP story with a powerful energy, reaching out to a wider audience the world over.

Inspired by the Cognac environment, the team-up with Moore shows Rémy Martin’s direction to expand its vision as its range of products grows finer with age. The partnership is meant to give fresher perspective to a liquor brand that has been around for years, yet is willing to try exciting things to bring something new to the table.

“Matt has created a visual narrative that underscores movement and brings new energy to our brand,” said Augustin Depardon, Rémy Martin’s global executive director. “His work reaches out to a wide audience and tells our brand story from a novel point of view.”

Art & Style Icons

To mark the launch of the Matt Moore Limited Edition VSOP bottles in the country, Rémy Martin recognized “Art & Style Icons”—the who’s who in their respective fields, established individuals who embody Rémy Martin’s love of the art. Rémy Martin will also work with local visual artists that showcase the exemplary talents of Filipinos through a mural art installation, appropriating the bold energy and vibe of Moore’s work.

To further drum up interest in the new visual language, Rémy Martin launched the Augmented Reality Tour or ARt (available on iOS now), an imaginative new adventure of augmented reality where users become both the viewer and the artist.

Remy Martin x Matthew Moore PH release |

It’s the world’s first brand activation that leverages ARKit technology from an art perspective. The app lets users redesign the environment and create their own unique vision of the world by playing with a vast pallet of 3D graphical elements inspired by Matt’s new visual universe.

In more ways than one, the collaboration between Rémy Martin and Matt Moore spells a new visual chapter in the centuries-old story of the iconic liquor brand.

The Event

to live up with the brand’s name, the event allured their guest with quality food, one almost as refined as the cognac itself. Also graced with local celebrities including It Girl Jessica Wilson and her boyfriend Moritz Gastl. Other than that, everyone was served a cold glass of Remy Martin in a delightful cocktail mix.

To know more about the brand, you can check out their website at or have a taste of the bottle itself by visiting any S&R outlets, nation-wide. 

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