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Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North!

September 8, 2017

“Left Wing, Right Wing, Chicken Wing – it makes no difference to me.” – Woody Guthrie

Looking back, chicken wings in a bucket was popularized by one of the top global food chain, KFC. Since then, the hype for chicken buckets has always been a constant norm – even today. But if you are looking for a whole new twist to your typical chicken wings, drive up north and visit – Sunrise Buckets. They offer a full bucket of chicken wings in lip-smacking flavors, paired with tasty dips! If that doesn’t sound enticing enough for you, perhaps you should also take note that they offer plastic gloves to let you enjoy your food however you want, without getting your hands super messy, as you dive into their winged-delight. So are you ready to unveil their chicken wing bonanza? See the hype below!

Black Pepper Wings

Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North | catchingcarla

Black Pepper Wings | Photo by: @catchingcarla

Synonymous to its name, this chicken wing is filled with powdered black pepper drizzled with a touch of brown pepper powder, which added a bit of sweetness to its taste. With its loaded spicy look, you’d be surprised that this one is not necessarily as chili as you would think. Although I have to say that the strong aroma of the peppers can be a bit too overwhelming on your first bite – but in the end, it is still quite enjoyable for a good munch. To balance the overall taste, I highly suggest that you pair this chicken wings with their own set of pepper steak dip.

Garlic Parmesan

Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North | catchingcarla

Garlic Parmesan | Photo by: @catchingcarla

Yes, I know what you are thinking, parmesan and garlic? Will it be too salty? Not really. Truth be told, the garlic added a bit of dimension to an otherwise normal wings. This is one of my favorite flavors out of all the ones in here. Paired with their highly addictive sour cream sauce, I was definitely hooked! Certainly, a reason to go back at Sunrise Buckets.

Sunrise Original

Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North | catchingcarla

Sunrise Original | Photo by: @catchingcarla

This sunrise original may look a bit plain from the rest of the batch, but it is still rather unique on its own. Sunrise Buckets is known for its internationally inspired wings flavor and locally approved mix that Manilenos grew to love. With a hint of salty after taste, I recommend that you pair this one with their sour cream dip as well.

Jack Daniels

Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North | catchingcarla

Jack Daniels | Photo by: @catchingcarla

This is a part of their CLOUD 9: Unique Flavors of the world. Because of its name, it is no shame to admit that this one is great to be paired with a cold glass of beer. With a perfect mix of sweet and buttery twist, I think it is one of the few ones that require an acquired taste, but for me, it does not seem too bad.


Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North | catchingcarla

Hickory | Photo by: @catchingcarla

From the looks of it and the piquant after taste, I was quite intrigued with this one, as I judge it’s overall appearance. I expect a bursting amount of savory goodness – and I was not disappointed. Its generous seasoning and tender inner feel make the entire combination pleasurable.

Smoking Barbecue

Sunrise Buckets: The Wings of the North | catchingcarla

Smoking Barbecue | Photo by: @catchingcarla

This is not your regular smokin’ barbeque. A faint hint of barbeque sauce and a slightly crispy outer crust, I guess this is another innovative take on Sunrise Bucket’s addictive chicken wings! For the dip, I guess I opted for the good old ketchup for a more familiar thrill.

That’s it! Writing and looking at the pictures made me crave for another food stunt at Sunrise Bucket the Grove. If you want to know which dip goes to which, the staff are actually quite familiar and knowledgeable on what suites which flavor – if not, well, there is always more room for a little experiment, right?

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