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JBL Philippines new brand Ambassador Gretchen HO | catchingcarla.com

JBL Philippines – Live Gram with Gretchen Ho

June 15, 2018

“Where words fail, music speaks” – Hans Christian Andersen

JBL Philippines  – one of the biggest manufacturers of audio equipment and accessories, has chosen the stunning Gretchen Ho, as their first Filipino celebrity endorser.

At their last event, called JBL Philippines “Live Gram”, me and a handful of other bloggers, media, and esteemed guests were able to meet their newest brand ambassador – Gretchen Ho, as she tackles about her passion for fitness, staying active and finding the right music to start her day.

JBL Philippines Dare to listen with Gretchen HO

Gretchen Ho is a known athlete and a television host. She’s to carry through the brand’s tagline, “Dare to Listen,” alongside Filipino actor, Ramon Bautista. The event was hosted at Whitespace Makati, Pasong Tamo – where they showcased some of their newest collection of JBL portable products and wireless headphones. To name some of my favorites, check these out.

JBL Philippines new brand Ambassador Gretchen HO | catchingcarla.com

On the above photo, I am wearing the newest JBL SoundGear, a bluetooth speaker you wear around your neck that is meant to be a love affair between an open-air speaker and headphones. This product was made out of convenience – for drivers, or anywhere you go. It keeps you alert to your surroundings, while still being able to enjoy your music high high-quality sound, and stereo imaging.

JBL Philippines new brand Ambassador Gretchen HO | catchingcarla.com

For the photo above, I am wearing JBL’s E45BT, from their series of wireless headphones and accessories. This headphone is similar to the JBL E55BT without the on-ear fit. It promises longer battery life, reasonable wireless range, and an excellent well-balanced sound. It comes with color variations such as salmon, blue, green, black and white – but since there was only the blue available at the booth, I was only able to see that.

JBL Philippines new brand Ambassador Gretchen HO | catchingcarla.com

Another one of my favorites was the whole line of JBL’s Sports Headphones! If you like to travel like me, or if you are sporty like Gretchen Ho, then these earphones are your best friend. It can help you avoid that long annoying wire attached from your phone to your ear, and minimize your chances of getting caught or tangled somewhere when you’re on the road. Like most of their newly released products, this one also comes with high-quality sound and long battery life.

This year’s millennials are all about travel – and so, portability is the latest trend when it comes to gadgets. JBL’s portable speakers are also present at the event, and their latest SPLASH PROOF technology was definitely a hit. The photo on the right is called the FLIP 4! It guarantees 12 hours of play time, weatherproof design and portability. It’s the perfect music companion for you and your friends through long excruciating boat rides and quiet hotel nights.

JBL Philippines new brand Ambassador Gretchen HO | catchingcarla.com

THIS IS IT. The photo above is their top-of-the-line, bad-ass JBL BOOM BOX, my favorite amongst all of them. Seriously, it has monstrous sound along with the hardest hitting bass- and, get this,  it’s WATERPROOF. You can literally submerge this underwater and it will still boom to its core! (Well, except for salt-water okay? It’s water-proof, not salt and corrosion proof). This is a great speaker to bring around during pool parties, house parties or any intimate parties with your friends! I definitely want to get my hands on one of these babies.

So, there you go! In case you are not yet convinced, the event was obviously a blast! Accompanied with great sounds, great music, amazing friends and of course the all-around sporty girl, Gretchen Ho. If you want to get a taste of their newest products, simply visit their website at https://www.jbl.com.phand shop for your first JBL product – Go on, DARE TO LISTEN.

What’s your favorite music accessory when you travel? Share them below and I’ll share you mine! 😉

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