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Margarita Loves Cointreau PH : Soiree to acapulco |
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May 18, 2018

“The only thing better than one margarita, is two margaritas” – anonymous 

If you have never heard of Cointreau, then you probably have never tasted the REAL Margarita, and I am definitely judging you for that. Why? Well, Cointreau has long been inseparable from the original “margarita” since the cocktail’s creation in 1948 in Acapulco, Mexico. Margaret “Margarita” Sames, a wealthy American socialite was known for hosting famously lavish parties with extravagant twists created a whole new cocktail for one of her soirées by mixing two of her favorite spirits: tequila and Cointreau, a liqueur from the Loire Valley in France crafted using a perfect balance of sweet and bitter orange peel essences – this is the birth of my beloved Margarita, dear folks.

Margarita Loves Cointreau PH : Soiree to acapulco | catchingcarla

“A margarita without Cointreau is not worth its salt.” – Margaret Sames

This year, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of this beautiful union: “Margarita Loves Cointreau”, and like all unions, it must always start and end with a party. The Island PH, located in BGC, Taguig city is the perfect place to bring back the spirit of the Soiree to Acapulco, which beckons a laid-back fashion to a festive celebration of conviviality. The place has been transformed to capture Cointreau’s avant-garde and Parisian style spirit, the foundations that enable mixologists the versatility to explore limitless cocktail variations.

Margarita Loves Cointreau PH : Soiree to acapulco |

Margarita Loves Cointreau PH : Soiree to acapulco |

Tropical touches and Acapulco-inspired colors painted the event venue at the poolside of the Island – a tres-tres chic’ tropical enclave, where guests enjoyed fun activities with live DJ music, great food, camaraderie, and surprise twists reminiscent of the famous Acapulco soirees hosted by Margaret Same. We definitely enjoyed the chill island vibe as we sip our delicious Margaritas, and participate in fun challenges or games, situated on every corner of the Island.

Margarita Loves Cointreau PH : Soiree to acapulco |

Life is more fun with Margaritas! | Photo by @catchingcarla

Each guest was given a card, equipped with different tasks that we needed to do in order to participate in the raffle draw. On top of that, we were also given a personalized straw hat to write our name or word of choice (in my case, I asked the guy to write “Vivir” which means “to live” because that is basically my whole mantra for this entire year). I also took this opportunity to use this hat as my accessory in almost every single photo that I took that day. Another fun activity that was offered during this event is the “mini-golf” or like this game called “putt-putt”, the aim is to either break the bottle of Cointreau or shoot the ball into the hole, and win a whole new bottle of cointreu, and margarita mix. Of course, being a competitive person I am – I tried it, more than I should (maybe 10x) lol, and still, nothing happened. I guess my aim was not as good as I thought it was.

The really fun part of having this event at The Island PH, is the pool. I totally forgot about this very important detail, so I was not able to bring any type of swimsuit with me, otherwise, I definitely would have jumped right in.  Since this event was also made possible in partnership with Jose Cuervo, there were cute black floaty balls all around the pool that looked like giant fun pearls, that I would have played with had I brought a bikini.

Margarita Loves Cointreau PH : Soiree to acapulco |

Well, there you go! This event was worth a thousand words, and I absolutely loved the original taste of Margaritas. Cointreau combined with fresh lemon or lime is the base for a whole host of classic cocktails like the Margarita, the Cosmopolitan, the White Lady, or the Sidecar. Also, its orange fragrance reveals the true soul of a delicious cocktail! an enticing taste of Parisian art de Vivre: authentic, elegant and always avant-garde.

Margarita Loves Cointreau PH : Soiree to acapulco | catchingcarla

The Cointreau x Margarita Drink | photo by @catchingcarla

If you want to see how much we had fun at the said event, check out this video made by Cointreau PH:

Are you a fan or margaritas? Share your most unforgettable experience with margaritas, and I’ll share you mine! Write them down on the comment section below 😉 or check out my other food articles here.

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