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CARAMIA: New Flavors for your Gelato Party!

July 16, 2017

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that’s kind of the same thing.” – anonymous

Caramia has recently launched their new party packages as well as their new gelato flavors: matcha and salted caramel. As a form of celebration, Caramia invited selected guests for their party package launch with their own one of a kind – gelato party!

Yes, you read that right – who else can hosts a gelato party better than Caramia itself? one of my favorite go to place for deliciously crafted gelatos and ice cream cakes! To be honest, I have been bringing Caramia to multiple parties even before they launch their new party packages – so you could imagine how thrilled I was to actually not worry about them melting as I entertain my guests! Why? Well, here’s a detailed description of their newest offer:

Caramia Party Package and new flavor

The first and biggest package is called a Premium Gelato Cart which serves up to 250 regular scoops of awesome creamy goodness; ideal for big reunions or corporate events. The next package is simply called a Gelato Cart, which can serve 100 to 150 regular scoops. Both of these two packages come with its own Cart and a server. However,  if you still think that this serving is way too big for you, then try their tabletop thermal box package, it only serves up to 50 regular gelato scoops, perfect for a more intimate gathering. ( See the full list below)


Now, you’re probably wondering how many Gelato flavors is allowed for each of the itemized packages? well, it’s pretty simple: all Gelato Cart packages comes with 6 gelato flavors, while the thermal box only comes with a maximum of 3 gelato flavors. Once you decide to avail of this new package, you will be requested to choose which flavor would you like to be served to you and your guests. This is to ensure that all flavors are carefully hand-picked so you won’t be left eating your least favorite gelato during any of your parties.


Now, since we got that party going on, let’s dive into my other favorite discussion: GELATO FLAVORS. As aforementioned, Caramia launched their new matcha gelato and ice cream cake! Yum! I guess this is a response to the growing hype of over matcha flavored sweets – as it still highly penetrates the Asian Market by storm, matcha is the new red velvet so they say! (or at least that’s what I believe in)Caramia Gelato Party

Since Caramia does not really want to be biased on their favorites – we had to choose our own by tasting 20 different flavors of gelato in one go! (yes! that’s heaven to most of us) including their new gelato flavors: Matcha and Salted Caramel. To be fair, despite liking all of their gelato flavors – my heart is of course sold to no other than: dark chocolate. I guess I just couldn’t resist that irreplaceable combination of a bitter sweet aftertaste (just like my love life? kidding!). But yeah, to each its own I guess. Although that matcha is definitely on my top 5!

Caramia Party Package and new flavor

While the gelatos are amazing, their matcha ice cream cake is a whole other story. The inner filling is composed of creamy delights and a crunchy meringue, that just complements together in your mouth. I never really had this much love for matcha before! but this cake is to die for, because everything went well together – not too sweet, not too plain, and not too soft as well: a perfect combination.

caramia gelato party

Well, there you go – if you want to try the new matcha hype or perhaps gather your friends for a little gelato party, you know who to call (not me!) – go to your nearest Caramia branch and get you or your friends some tasty treat!

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